Your Opinion of What You’re Capable of Sucks

Your Opinion of What You’re Capable of Sucks

As you sit here reading this post know that you’re sitting on an epic mountain of untapped potential.


You have the ability to reach heights that would blow your mind.

If only you could see it.

But you can’t.

You might see a glimmer here or there but you’re so weighed down by the baggage of past failures and rejections that seeing your own awesome potential is simply beyond you.

Deep down you KNOW you were meant for more…bigger…grander things.

But the stretch between here and there is a bridge too far….too overwhelming.

And so you busy yourself with “busy-work” to distract you from your GREAT work….from going ALL IN….from playing BIG in the game of life and business.

You become frustrated when week after week you’re actions are taking you nowhere fast.

“But I’m working so hard” you tell yourself.

And you might be.

But not on the things that matter.

NOT on the things that WILL make a difference and take you higher.

Want to know what I see when I look at you?

I see the mountain of awesomeness sitting beneath you waiting to be discovered.

I see the heights you can reach.

And I TRULY believe you CAN reach them.

If you trust me and do the work.

And are prepared to fail a few times before you succeed.

And be prepared to get uncomfortable….but knowing I have your back.


We are not the best judge of what’s possible for us.

To succeed BIG you need someone who can see what you hold within you, extract it from you and help you create something magical.

As Zig Ziglar said “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could”.

THAT is the power of a good coach.

That is the power of objectivity.

That is the power of the clarity of distance a coach has.

Let me ask you something…….have you EVER worked with a coach before?

Or have you been trying to make this thing happen solo?

The solo route is an admirable one but hell it’s slow!!

I spent years going around in circles before I hired a coach and I seriously could not believe how much EASIER and simpler this whole entrepreneur gig became.

I hired my first coach in 1999, my first coach was a woman who had been on the training team of my coaching accreditation program, an experienced and successful coach.

Within a week she had me booking my first speaking event!

I can remember being SOOOOO nervous about it but I did it anyway because she told me I could.

So..there I was as a new coach standing in front of a room filled with about 40 locals all there to hear about the power of goal-setting.

I picked up my first ever clients from that gig.

And within weeks I had a weekly coaching column in the local newspaper that put me on the map locally.

At the time I was “famous” locally for being the Instructor / owner at the local Taekwondo School and this quickly showed people I was a force to be reckoned with as a coach.

Would I have done those things without my coach?

Would I have been able to see that this was possible?

Maybe…probably…but it would have taken me YEARS, not weeks.

Within a very short time I had a thriving coaching practice in a fabulous office across the road from my Marital Arts School.

At the time that was my dream.

And I got there in WEEKS!

So I know the power of coaching.

I know the power of having someone see the greatness you hold within you.

If it’s the right time to invest in YOU I’m taking on a very small handful of private coaching clients in August (I’m officially on a 2 week break from today) and I’d love to help you unpack the greatness that lies within you.

You can apply for a spot below.

Michelle xoxo

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