Who’s Controlling Your Life, Fear or You?

Who’s Controlling Your Life, Fear or You?

This morning my workday began (like most) with checking to see what FB Messages had come in overnight from my clients along with any enquires.

During a conversation with a client she mentioned that she wished she had a vacuum cleaner to remove her mental “crap” because she keeps letting in back in.

She then mentioned that maybe she needed hypnosis.

Can you relate?

Can you relate to the feeling of moving forwards and making great strides only to be tripped up by your own crap when you least expect it??

I’m sure you can because it happens to the best of us.

My advice to my client was this.

The crap is ALWAYS going to be there in some form or another so the end game is NOT about living a crap-free life (as if that’s ever going to happen!!) but instead to make a decision about whether or not you’ll let the mental crap rule your actions (or inaction).

The women you see succeeding around you have their own mental crap, we all do BUT the difference is that we don’t let it hold us back.

Instead we recognise mental crap for what it is…our ego wanting to keep us safe within our comfort zone….and we forge ahead regardless.

We focus on what we want instead of what we fear.

We subdue fear with action….LOT’s of action.

And we continue to look for evidence that everything is working in our favour….our past successes, the other women ahead of us who have shown us what’s possible and all of the small signs that show up along the way to remind us we’re on the correct path.

So the next time you find yourself avoiding action until you’ve dealt with your crap know this……THAT DAY IS NEVER COMING.

The only time is NOW.

By all means deal with your crap but deal with it WHILE YOU ADVANCE.

Momentum is the cornerstone of success.

Taking repeated inspired action builds momentum and once you hit your strides the mental crap falls away.

Know that it NEVER happens the other way around…because it simply can’t.

So….today…..right now….in this moment…..DECIDE that you are doing to chase your dreams in spite of your unique blend of mental crap (fear being the biggie and most common) and that you refuse to let it hold you back another second.

I leave you with this…..If you were being the most kickass version of you right now….what would you do differently?

How would you think differently?

What actions would you be taking TODAY??

A big part of my work is helping women create the vision for their life that is so big and juicy that the mental crap takes a back seat long enough to create that very momentum you need to kickstart your success.

If you’re ready to play full out in your life and your business and you want accountability and support during the process then head to my coaching page, hit the apply button and we’ll arrange a time to chat to be sure we’re a good fit.


In the meantime have an amazing day and be sure to ponder on the questions above.

Michelle xo

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