Being Shortsighted Will DOOM Your Business!

Being Shortsighted Will DOOM Your Business!

If there was one piece of wisdom I wished I’d owned as a start-up entrepreneur over 2 decades ago it would be this… ”don’t be shortsighted”.

As driven and ambitious entrepreneurs we want what we want and we want it YESTERDAY.

This sense of urgency is crucial and is what builds the type of momentum that generates great success at times so we don’t want to abandon this attitude altogether.

But it’s equally important to be continually sowing seeds for tomorrow’s success, and next years success….and success 5 or 10 years from now…. and beyond.

So my question…and my challenge to you is “what seeds are you planting TODAY for tomorrow’s success?”.

You’ve unwittingly been planting those seeds every day of your life so far.

If you’re not happy with your bounty it’s time to take a look at the seeds you’ve been planting.

Make better conscious choices and be mindful of the long-term picture as well as immediate growth.

Luckily for me, I planted A LOT of seeds in the early days and despite my haphazard approach the sheer volume of my efforts continues to pay off.

For example….

Over about a 2 year period (around 2003 – 2005) I moved town, set myself up as a coach and became president of ALL THE THINGS.

Being president of “all the things” did didley squat for my bank balance and at the time I figured my efforts were a total waste of time, but those seeds I planted all those years ago continue to pay dividends year after year after year.

I dined with the Mayor, I co-hosted events with some famous sporting greats and got good at commanding an audience and moving committee mountains despite oodles of red tape. And I got great at getting my own way and inciting long overdue change, often against the opposition.

And I built a reputation along the way, a good one…and enduring one, a respected one.

One that continues to serve me today.

I’m guessing that if you were to look back over the last decade of your life you’ll have also planted a crap-tonne of seeds, some good, some not so good.

My advice to you is to keep planting.


Know that not every action is going to generate a quick win.

But also know that mindful planting, day after day WILL serve you well in the future and that’s definitely something to get excited about

sow seeds

Michelle xoxo

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