Setting Yourself Up To Win

Setting Yourself Up To Win

Today I feel like crap, despite fighting it like a mad woman this thing got me…a throat like I’m swallowing razor blades, a cough that’s keeping me up all night, a headache of epic proportions and body aches that aren’t much fun.

And I’m not a good sick person.

I’m impatient and irritable and just want my health back pronto!

BUT the week ahead excites me

A fabulous new client at 7am tomorrow.

More planning and creating content for my upcoming events.

Kicking off this months training in the Anti-Hustle Society which just happens to be WRITE AND SELF PUBLISH YOUR FIRST BOOK….cannot wait to get that started!

More coaching sessions.

Some video reshoots for my Kickass Academy.

And LOT’S of awesome training this week including 2 boxing sessions with my new coach (I am going it if kills me!).

There’s a good chance I’m not going to be well this week but I still want to kick ass in my business and outside of it so today I set myself up to win for the week ahead.

All of my meals a prepped.

My “to do” list is written up on my whiteboard ready for me to start putting line’s through the items first thing tomorrow morning.

Sometimes you don’t feel like it.

Sometimes it feels easier to let things slide and hope for the best.

Sometimes it takes a monumental effort to set yourself up to win.

But if you don’t do it anyway, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

So…take today and use it to get your ducks in a row so that when Monday morning ticks around and you’re faced with a bright, shiny new week to play with, you make the absolute most if it.

What are your time drains during the week?

Where do you get tripped up or sidelined?

What are the things that you continually tell yourself “if only I had taken the time to do that on the weekend”?

Today’s the day to work that shiz out and set yourself up to win.

You’re welcome

Michelle xoxo

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