Over the past few months, these bad boys on the right have played a rather large part in supporting me as I went through the rather messy and highly inconvenient task of unleashing my souls true calling.

That might sound a little “woo woo” but honestly ‘soul’ is the only word I can use to describe how I feel about my great work.

I’ve always had a spiritual side, but I upped the ante and threw everything at it in my attempt to find the answers I was looking for.

The good news is I found those answers and now I’m pumped to share this work with you.

If you’ve lost the love for your business, OR you’re just fed up with spinning your wheels without really getting anywhere, then keep scrolling… because I’m about to tell you WHY that is and what you need to do about it.



Hi… I’m Michelle…..

I’ve been toying with the notion of greatness for a while now, and this is what I’ve discovered…

As I dove deeper and deeper into my own journey towards greatness, I realised that aspiring to GREATNESS is far more fulfilling and far less draining than chasing down 6 (or 7) figure success.

That’s not to say we can’t or shouldn’t want financial success, but rather that success comes from the right place for each of us.

I believe we should all be doing our GREAT WORK… the work that is our true and ultimate calling. My great work is helping YOU find yours.


“Your greatest asset is your existing passion, the skills you already have, and most of all, your own personal story”

Daniel Priestly

(I’ve had the honour of being mentored by Dan, google him, he’s awesome!)

I have a story…YOU have a story…we ALL have a story.

Sadly, many of our stories contain crap that holds us back and stops us from being truly great.






And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is not about holding a victim mentality around this stuff. In fact, most of the women I know (ahem…including someone I know intimately) have soldiered on and on and on, doing their best to triumph in spite of the crap holding them back… I’m betting you’re one of them.

IT’S YOUR TIME TO RISE……. to rise above playing small because that’s either all you think you deserve, or because it’s all you think you CAN do.

In all of my time working with female entrepreneurs, I can tell you that success is more about the blocks you REMOVE than it is about any one magic bullet strategy.

SUCCESS COMES WHEN YOU CLEAR THE PATH TO IT…. basically it’s time to deal with your crap so you can chase your dreams unhindered by a disempowering story keeping you less than you are.

Often our greatest battles and internal struggles are the very things that shape us and lead us to our greatness.

A client of mine posted the following message in my facebook group, this lovely lady is 50 years of age, and already felt she was doing the work she was called to do…she was wrong…. she was called to do MUCH greater work than she’d been doing.

After our session, she was ready to RISE.


“If you’re going to RISE you may as well SHINE”


Yes we need to go deep, and yes we need to clear our crap, and yes we can get down and dirty with the spiritual side of things to do all of that. But at some point, you need to build an actual BUSINESS… am I right??


Where RISE is a bit of a tough (but necessary) gig at times, SHINE is sheer, unadulterated JOY.

THIS is where you get to build a brand you ADORE and feels like your second skin.

Creating beautiful brands that are a true reflection of the woman and her mission in life (AKA her great work) is my thing…let me show you an example of me working my brand magic 🙂

This is Jess.

Jess is a gorgeous woman who is all about helping young women see they can DO-BE & HAVE anything they want in this world… so long as they can truly see their inner fabulous.

I absolutely LOVE everything about Jess’s brand, but even better than that?

So does she and this has enabled her to move from garden variety Personal Trainer, to a lady who’s on a mission to empower women to create financial freedom AND rock their inner Fabulousness.

This pic on the right?

This used to be Jess, and while this brand served her well for a time, she became aware that it was limiting her and it was time to step up and step into her own fabulousness.


When the time comes to work on your SHINE I’ll be helping you uncover the most unique and elegant parts of you that make your brand special and beautiful.

A beautiful brand done well gets the attention of your intended audience, but it can’t be rushed and the process needs an outside eye. Often we’re too close to our own stuff to see where we shine.

I’ll also give you access to the designer I use (he created Jess’s logo), and while his work is AH-MAZING he’s also cheap. I’m all about keeping your costs low!  Branding really doesn’t need to be expensive.



“Surviving is important. THRIVING is elegant”

Maya Angelou

While the deep work is important, and creating a brand that makes your audience sit up and take notice is also important, what comes after this stuff is where many female entrepreneurs fail.


But first, what does THRIVE mean in this context?

In a nutshell, to thrive means to make a shitload of money in your business BECAUSE you set yourself up to win with the right strategy, the right business model and the right visibility plan.

Setting up a website and a facebook page that you tell your friends about and ask them to share is NOT a solid business growth strategy and sadly this is about the extent of most women’s efforts… give or take.

One set formula doesn’t apply to everyone but there are fundamental business principles that almost every business needs to embrace if they want true success. #paidleadspeople!

Right now I want you to ask yourself the following questions…

Do you have a business that is built to scale?

Do you have a steady stream of regular leads coming in via a series of, or one kickass lead magnet?

If people google you are they going to find a crapload of awesomeness, because you’ve been pumping out awesome free content and popping up in interviews all over the place?

Do you know what you’re REALLY selling (hint, you’re not selling what you think you are)?


If you can’t answer a big fat and resounding YES to each of those questions, you need me asap because every day you wait you’re leaving money on the table…. every day you wait you’re LOSING MONEY and I have no doubt losing all of your confidence, and the fun factor in your life along with it.

Making a lot of money in your business isn’t difficult, but you MUST Rise – Shine and set yourself up to Thrive, by putting the proper practices and strategies in place.

I CAN help you do that, and we will work as fast as you possibly can, to get that money rolling in from a place of 100% alignment.

But even better than that is the fact that you’ll be doing it the right way for you, so your success is totally sustainable and your work is 100% enjoyable.



“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to GREATNESS”


GREATNESS is where we surpass the struggle and step into TRULY claiming our space in the world.

Greatness is where you let go of the white-knuckle ride, and just KNOW that things are unfolding exactly as they’re meant to…… because you’re on your right path, doing your great work.

This is the time when you can FULLY step into the spotlight because every cell in your body is aligned to your purpose and you gave a message to share with the world.

Your message and your work have become greater than any fear or resistance to show up fully, and your focus will be on the people you serve.

Let me tell you, THIS is an incredible space to be in,  life becomes lighter, you feel more YOU than you’ve ever felt in your life and you FINALLY feel as though you’re rising towards the heights you know are possible for you.

Sound’s pretty cool doesn’t it?


And do you want me to help you get there?

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