Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your GROOVE!

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your GROOVE!

How I’m feeling today 🙂

From the moment I arrived home from my month away, I have been ON FIRE!!

I honestly cannot remember when I’ve felt this GOOD!

The last couple of days a cold has been trying to catch hold so I haven’t felt physically fabulous but I’ve had the biggest bounce in my step and a grin on my face a mile wide.

I’ve even found myself saying “I’m so freaking HAPPY” to myself a few times a day 🙂

Nothing big has happened.

No major changes have occurred.

But there’s been a massive shift of “something” and I think it’s the fact that I’ve once again let the things that don’t serve me fall away.

It’s been no secret that since January I’ve struggled with some sort of transition, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my flow back.

It’s been painful and frustrating.

I’ve been chasing an elusive “clicking into place” that usually happens for me easily and quickly when I’m ready to pivot.

Wouldn’t come.

I was trying every trick in the book.

Throwing everything at it.

But nada, zip…ZERO.

This trip took me out of my head.

Working and traveling and speaking for the first 2 weeks with Katrina was awesome.

Yes, we had some challenges but man we laughed SO much!

And we were both fulfilling a dream, together, as a team and that was COOL!

Usually I have support when I’m achieving my dreams and the success is mine alone (or the failures) but this time we got to share it and it truly was an incredible experience and it cemented the fact that Katrina and I make a crack team when it comes to this gig we’re embarking on.

We officially founded RISE Enterprises just before we left and we’re now gearing up for Round 2 of 5 states in August / Sept.

The second part of my trip is where the magic happened I think.

I REALLY struggled with not working though.

Katrina flew back home after 2 weeks and within days our 12 Week RISE program kicked off and I was officially on holiday for the first 2 weeks.

I felt anxious.

Out of the loop.


As though I was letting people down…even though everyone knew this would be happening.

I did have a gap of a couple of days between Katrina flying out and Dave arriving and I LOVED those 2 days, this is when I was able to get in and do some blogging, journaling and spend some alone time.

I felt an amazing sense of purpose on those days.

Then Dave arrived and my working life ended for a couple of weeks.

I struggled with all of the things I mentioned above.

2 weeks is a LONG time for me to be out of the loop and I think it took a full 5 days for me to feel at ease with things and relax.

I’ll be honest, I was a pain in the ass to be around in those days but thankfully my man knows me well and accepts that I can be highly strung at times and he plays it well instead of adding to the stress of my shitty attitude.

After that I just let myself enjoy the trip.

The food (getting my head around the fact I WAS going to stack on some kg’s).

The wine (I allowed myself to enjoy it every day without guilt)

The following our noses and just going wherever we felt like, whenever we felt like it.

Most of all I allowed myself to be and stay in the moment.

I did that a lot across the entire trip actually, but more so in the end.

I kept reminding myself that this was Dave’s first trip to the US and while I’d seen a lot of it before, he hadn’t.

So I shared in his novelty and saw things through fresh eyes.

Towards the end of the trip I was ready to come home.


Living out of a suitcase for a full month, being on the move constantly, eating crappy food (quality not choices) day after day, no time to sit quietly and journal, no routine, no kitchen, no office etc etc etc all started to get to me.

I did enjoy it but I had my eye on being home and back into my routine.

As always when I’m in an elevated environment my thinking elevates and there is no better place than 35,000ft in the air without wifi on a business class flight.

I journaled my little heart out.

All of thoughts I’d been formulating around “where to from here” and “what next” with regards to my own brand came together beautifully.

It worked for me that I’d been letting these thoughts bubble along for a couple of weeks because by the time I sat down to write things flowed like water.

I’ve outgrown The Art Of Kicking Ass Elegantly brand and it’s time to pivot.

RISE now gives me the outlet to scratch my business strategy itch and do what I do best there.

This is essentially taking over the work I’ve been doing in this space but together with Katrina it’s a stronger, more rounded model AND I get to share the load.

It feels good.

BUT I’m also a solopreneur at heart and maintaining my own brand was always going to happen.

HOW to do this without confusing people or overlapping was the issue for me.

So I’m letting that side of things go in my own brand.

I don’t need it.

RISE gives me that voice and that space to work in that area.

Michelle Hext the brand is evolving.

I love my professional photo’s but they don’t really reflect the woman I am now.

The photoshoot we did in LA does and I am so excited to get on with my rebrand.

I’m not going to spill the beans just yet on what the MH brand will be offering but I’d love for you to guess!!!!

PLEASE post your guess in the comments, I am DYING to see where you think this is headed 🙂

I can tell you I’m excited, REALLY excited about the rest of this year and where I’m taking things in both businesses.

The stuff I do in RISE is so easy for me these days, I’ve been doing it for such a long time now that it’s like brushing my teeth or driving my car.

I love that, it feels so good to be this confident.

And that between the two of us we can give our women everything they need to be successful.

And I love that it gives me the space to create something special under my own brand as well.

I’m honestly jumping out of my skin right now.

I’ve said often that there is always a breakthrough after the struggle and while I knew this was true I’ve been tested because it’s taken me a full 7 months to pop out the other side…..longer than I can ever remember it taking.

Watch this space guys….I’m excited to have you along on the next phase of my entrepreneurial adventure 🙂

If you’ve made it this far thank-you for reading all the way, you rock

Michelle xoxo

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