Time to Reveal The Next HUGE Step in My Business

Time to Reveal The Next HUGE Step in My Business

Good morning lovelies…time for an update

You may have noticed that my livestreaming and blogging is down a smidge (or a lot!!) but fear not, all is well.

In fact BETTER than well!!

If you’ve been in my community for a while you’ll know that I advocate focusing on one single thing at a time….it get’s you there faster and the end result is better….that’s my thang.

Given that this is my thing I’ve been hustling my little butski off taking care of my pretty big, hairy, scary goal of stepping up and into the next phase of my business which is speaking events.

Pulling together 4 events of this scale across 2 countries has been so bloody EXCITING and the learning curve nice and step…just the way I like it

Over the past month or so I’ve been liaising with event venues and negotiating like a boss to ensure we not only make an impact but also a super healthy profit.

As you can imagine there are many moving parts when you undertake a venture like this.

Then there is the addition of navigating a working relationship with my partner in crime AND another with our event super geniuses (these guys fill events for the great man Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard, Harv Eker & Dr John Demartini).

Not being 100% in control of the whole shebang 100% of the time has, at times, been way outside my comfort zone.

But…the overall experience has been one of major growth and expansion and when I’m growing I’m as happy as a pig in mud.

So my focus as been on my private clients, my events and getting my ass in shape the way I like it.

Lot’s of training, lots of good food, lots of recovery practices and on top of that my daily mindset and journalling work.

Then there is the making time for the things and people I love.

Yesterday I spent the entire day at a TKD competition and had some of the best conversations I’ve had in a long time and it was so nice to see how happy everyone was to see me there.


June through September is going to be epic!!


  • Event’s in Melbourne & Perth and a trip to Sydney.


  • 2 Day Workshop in Melbourne.
  • Event’s in Orange County and San Diego.
  • 2 Day Workshop in LA.
  • Full day photo shoot.
  • Full day of videoing my docu-movie (RISE – The Movement).
  • Then Dave arrives in LA on the 21st (last day of the workshop is on the 20th) and I check out for 2 weeks of road-tripping the US with my man.


  • Arrive home and 5 more events around Australia (Melb, Syd, Bris, Adel, Perth).
  • More filming for the docu-movie back home.


  • 2 Day Workshop somewhere in Aus.
  • Release and promote RISE – The Movement.


In November there is a chance I’m co-hosting a luxury business retreat in South Africa, early days yet but it’s on the cards.

In less than 2 weeks from now my working life will be transformed and by the end of the year I know my head will be spinning but I will have achieved some truly incredible things.

I came home from Florida pissed that I’d wasted my time and more than $25K because the event was awful.

BUT…it sparked something big in me….I was complaining that I could speak from the stage better than 95% of the people on that stage….then I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth was and actually DO IT.

And so doing it I am

There are only so many hours in the day.

There are only so many things you can do well, at once.

So my livestreaming won’t be as regular as it once was.

And my blogs will be less frequent.

Once my feet are under me and this whole speaking gig thing is my new normal and I have more free mental space I’ll be back to normal

In the meantime I hope my journey is inspiring the crap out of you.

I hope it’s inspiring you to go bigger in your own business.

And to want more from your own life.

I’m here, I’m still taking on private clients for short periods of time if they’re the right fit.

And I’m busy building this incredible empire of mine.

Hey…. if you got this far thank-you for listening, you rock!

Michelle xoxo

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