Health, Wealth and a Life Well Lived – Keeping it Simple

Health, Wealth and a Life Well Lived – Keeping it Simple

Human’s are exceptional at complicating their crap.

Let’s take getting in shape for example……

How many women do you know keen to drop the extra roll around their middle?

The simplest, most uncomplicated way to do this would be to make the decision to drop the muffin top and get on with the tasks of moving more and eating less crap but HELL’S NO!….THAT is too freaking SIMPLE.

Instead the process looks more like this.

MUST research THE BEST program on the planet for my specific goals…..start said program and decide after 3 days…NOPE….this is NOT the program for me….there MUST be a better one…let me research some more.

THEN there’s the thesis level research that goes into the “proper” way to eat for said goal.

Because it’s all too hard to understand and follow the whole thing get’s tossed like last weeks salad.

Only to be undertaken again (in exactly the same manner) 6 months later.

You know it!!

Business is the same.

Women can take the simplest and easiest (for example) lead magnet strategy and turn it into an operation that would rival the planning that goes into a moon walk expedition.

MONTHS can pass with zero result.

I have a gorgeous client right now who has had a flying start to our time together with new clients and leads coming in at great speed.

At one point in our coaching call yesterday she said she thought she should do a facebook group challenge.

I asked her one simple question…..WHY??

Her leads are great, she’s picking up clients at a good speed…what would be the point in spending time and energy on a facebook challenge when she already has what the challenge would do for her…bring her leads?

She laughed and shook her head…she knew…she immediately understood she was complicating things for zero reason.

It’s our plague….and it’s our plague because deep down we do not believe that things can be this simple.

“Simple” makes things easy and we’re unused to things being easy.

We become suspicious.

We think we’re not doing it right.

Or that we’re missing something.

So we complicate things and feel safe in the feeling that if it feels hard it must be working!

Trust me when I say that SIMPLE & EASY (aka – in flow) is where the magic happens.

Let’s take our top 3.


What is the simplest way you can get your ass in shape right now??

No overthinking.

No Hubble Space Telescope landing type research.

Just simple – common sense – ACTION you can take now.

Write down 3 things you can begin to do TODAY and everyday UNTIL you reach your goal…then DO them.

Same deal with your wealth goal.

Right now….what is the simplest, fastest, easiest way you can make money in your business and love the process?

And finally what does a “life well lived” even look like for you?

What are 3 things you can do THIS WEEK to ensure you’re actually LIVING a life well lived?

What lights you up??

What makes you feel good?

What experiences make your heart sing?

Whatever those things are….go do them!

One of my strengths is eliminating the excess in my life.

I loathe clutter of any form……physical, emotional, relationships, mental…the whole shebang….so I operate in “less is more” mode…always.

I’m a guru at finding the shortest, simplest, most purposeful and powerful way to get from A to B regardless of the goal.

There is no room for superfluous when you’re on a mission to achieve great things.

Do yourself a favour today and look at your life through a different lens, filter it through the “is this really necessary?” lens and see what you can do away with.

Lightening your load to simplify the way to your BIG goals is the fastest route there.

Can’t do that alone? Need a partner in helping you simplify your life and business?

Head to my coaching page and complete the application form and we can chat.

It may be the best thing you’ve ever done!

Michelle xoxo

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