What’s The Feeling You’re Chasing?

What’s The Feeling You’re Chasing?

You guys have been around the block a few times so I know I don’t need to explain to you that the “thing” you want isn’t really about the thing right?

You know that what you REALLY want is what the thing represents.

We know that we don’t want to achieve financial wealth simply to have lot’s of paper (or plastic) stuff sitting in a bank somewhere.

Or the perfect body so we can sit around looking at our abs all day

Or the most successful business ever simply for the sake of success.

For each of us the “feelings” we want to experience based on our achievements is different.

We want to feel things like accomplishment, pride, joy, happiness and security just for starters.

It’s the same deal when it comes to us personally.

We want to excel at our work because we feel confident as an example.

And we also avoid certain things because of feelings we DON’T want.

We don’t want to miss deadlines because we don’t want to feel stressed or disappointed in ourselves.

We want to stay on top of our work because we don’t want to feel overwhelmed.

Etc etc etc

Pretty much everything we do or don’t do in our lives is to either generate or avoid a feeling.

You may have heard me mention this week that I’ve adopted a new mantra.


These 3 words, these 3 FEELINGS now guide my days.

Ease is all about taking my time with things, no rushing or trying to take on too many tasks at once.

Elegance is such a huge value for me, it means bringing beauty and grace into everyday and living a balanced life outside of my business.

Efficiency is all about getting in and doing my work and getting out again to ensure the 2 above are honoured.


These 3 feelings are also important to me but you know what?

I naturally make time for these things everyday anyway so they’re obsolete on the list, if I ensure I honour EASE – ELEGANCE & EFFICIENCY I know I have time for the others, along with others not listed.

If you’re a little stuck coming up with your words / feelings think about this…..

Do you feel GOOD every day?

If not, what are the predominant feelings you’re experiencing each day that make you unhappy?

A great place to start is by aiming for the opposite of those feelings.

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed what is it you want to feel instead?

If you’re lacking purpose and focus, again, what is it you want to feel instead?

I’m all for getting to the core of things fast so I see a result fast and for me, rather than focus on a list of 27 things that will make me feel at EASE and another 48 things that will bring ELEGANCE into my day and then another whack to invite EFFICIENCY in my day I set themes and then put my filter on.

Keep your 3 words close to you, repeat them in your mind over and over and over again, put them on sticky notes on your computer, on the fridge etc.

And then constantly run everything that pops up during your day through the filter by asking great questions…”does this feel like ease?”, “is this efficient?”, “how can I bring more elegance to my day today?”.

Practice makes perfect here so don’t beat yourself up if you forget or fall back into old patterns.

This stuff is important and it can take time.

If you’ve been living in a state of anxiety and overwhelm for the last 12 months you aren’t going to create a miracle in one day…BUT you will experience a shift quickly…and that will give you something to build on.

Have fun with it and good luck

Michelle xoxo

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