You Can’t Ignore The Call To Be MORE!

You Can’t Ignore The Call To Be MORE!

Do you ever find yourself caught up in the mundane daily tasks of your life (and work) questioning your lot in life?

I set the bar pretty high for myself…always have and always will, BUT I outgrow things quickly.

Most successful entrepreneurs do.

We shoot for the stars….reach them and then we quickly become bored because the next level is already beckoning us.

Chasing down our next dream is our default.

When that little whisper appears you know it’s all over red rover….you MUST honour the call.

It’s scary.

It’s fraught with uncertainty.

There is much letting go of stuff you might not be ready to let go of.

And it’s often messy.

But you KNOW you can no longer stay here.

You KNOW you’re about to embark on your next phase of growth.

Ignoring the call simply sets a whole other chain of events in motion that WILL eventually push you in the same direction anyway….but you’ll hurt and you’ll experience all sorts of crap coming your way as the Big U first whispers, then tries to gently nudge you in the direction you’re called towards.

And if you don’t heed the call then you the Big U will unleash ALL THE THINGS…. all of the CRAP things that seem like a nightmare but are designed to get you to LISTEN THE HELL UP!

So you have a choice about HOW you go about this thing….the easy way or the hard way…BUT if you’ve been called for more, make no mistake you will have to act on it at some point.

Because it won’t go away.

Your calling to be more…is a bell you cannot un-ring.

My advice?


Accept that you were meant for more and start paying attention to the signs you’re on the right path.

Release your fear.

Be honest with yourself about what you REALLY want in your life and just roll with it.

What’s the BEST that can happen??

Let this guide you and keep you aligned and in flow.

Life is an adventure or nothing at all.

Your time is now.

You have no time to waste.

You’ve got this.

Michelle xoxo

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