Building a Tribe That Will Last

Building a Tribe That Will Last

This afternoon I decided to flick through my old pages… Glow Women’s Fitness Online and

It’s so cool to see that Jenny, Paula, Mindy, Darlene, Liz and many more are still in my world after all of these years.

I didn’t go all the way back on my Glow page but it started sometime in 2010 and those lovely ladies were some of the first on that page as they’d already been working with me since 2006!

Jenny is still a client, Liz is in one of my programs and I worked with Paula not so long ago.

I love that I have such a long lasting community that is still with me all of these years later with every twist and turn my business (and life) has taken.

Here’s some of the stuff that jumped at out me  

I SO was going to be a fire bomber!!! That ended quickly when I took up taekwondo and then it took over my life in the best possible way.

My last Dan grading.

The day I stopped training Lisa, Tanya and Kathy

I was only supposed to train these lovely ladies for 12 weeks and it turned into 2 years of training every weekday morning (towards the end it became 3 x week).

I loved those sessions so much, we laughed our asses off most days, there was always much complaining from Lisa (soz but you know it’s true).

Tanya was an absolute delight and the polite one of the bunch, and Kathy became a running MACHINE!!

That was the end of an era for sure.

Notice even Jenny’s comment on that post.

I ran a fitness camp and Jen and Paula got to meet my 3 amigo’s.

It was cool to see my online clients and my live clients cross paths and then stay in touch.

The photo shoot was something I felt I needed to do to help build my brand (the fists up one was from the same shoot).

Tribe comfort zone

I was outside my comfort zone in a big way doing this.

I’m a modest person when it comes to my body, martial arts made me even more so.

I actually can’t even quite believe I did that photo shoot and they got my gear off!

Still modest by today’s standards I guess and no doubt something I’ll be glad I did when I’m 108…

The final pics are my Rip It Up Challenge Programs.

I was soooo proud of these programs and the culture I created within Rip It Up.

I think the greatest thing of all about taking a trip down memory lane was seeing the stuff I wrote all those years ago is STILL the same stuff I preach now about mindset and taking care of yourself.

Here’s a blog post from 2012…/3-things-you-need-kno…

I know when I was in my mid 20’s and running my first TKD schools I was still doing the same.

I sometimes forget the wisdom I had within me at such an early age and it was really lovely to go back and see just how “the same” my thinking was back then.

THIS is why I’m good at what I do.

I’ve been doing this mindset stuff for DECADES and it’s second nature to me.

I’m human, sometimes I don’t practice what I preach (hello wine!) but I’m proud of the way I’ve lived my life so far and proud of the way I’ve conducted myself as a human.

Being sick and spending time on the couch has it’s perks, I would usually never take the time to dig so far deep into my old stuff.

A chat with Sue Heintze triggered this today….she and I used to advertise in the same magazines and were in “competition”with one another but quickly became friends when I reached out to her one day to congratulate her on a clients results.

I also think that with big changes coming my way I do like to remember where things began and give thanks for the path that led me here.

Thanks again for listening…

Michelle xoxo

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