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Think about the last time you felt hot: you know the feeling, a happy mix of sexy and elegant and glowing with confidence and good health.


Think of the last time you felt successful in business: you know the feeling, you’re in flow, everything you touch turns to gold, you’re the hottest thing in your industry and you’re making money hand over fist.

Imagine you have intense, deep, soul-connecting love, you’re rocking the perfect body, and you have a social life to die for.

You’re living the life you dreamed of.


Or you’re not…you’re still stuck in the grind totally stressed out, you look like a hot mess and no matter how hard you try you simply cannot get your business to fly. You’re desperately trying to hit the magic 6 figures but that level of success continues to elude you.


Michelle Hext had been caught in the grind for way too long…(years!) and then she decided to turn her life around in a big way.


She left her unhappy marriage, focused on her one big idea and within 12 months had transformed every aspect of her life.


In The Art Of Kicking Ass Elegantly Michelle will show you how you too can learn to Kickass in all of the areas that matter to, love, fitness and well…life itself.


Written in her usual warm and witty way and filled with hard earned wisdom this is a book you won’t want to put down.


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