Are you Addicted To Drama?

You’ve met that woman before right? Drama follows her everywhere. Ex-husband problems. Current relationship issues. She’s fighting with a half of her immediate family. Then of course the friend drama. And that’s just the “life” stuff. Because of course there is also business drama, client drama and money drama. In my 20’s I used to be that woman. I thrived on it. If I had something to fight against life felt normal. I was comfortable with fighting. Fighting was my default. It was taught to me at an early age when I witnessed my parents fighting… a lot. Then the domestic violence. And the violence I was subjected to. WAITING for the violence seemed way worse than the violence itself. In the moment I could deal with it but waiting for it to occur seemed like torture. That and waiting for the sexual abuse. And witnessing my mum’s beatings. ALL OF IT. So how did I stop the waiting…the most painful part? By creating situations that would speed up the process and bring it closer faster. I did a great job of inviting drama on an epic scale when I entered a relationship with my ex (my kids’ father). A decade of next level drama that made me a very good fighter. Thankfully not physically (except for that one time). The end result was that man went to jail and I was raising my kids alone and at the same time helping them heal. I chose to move away from the drama. AWAY AWAY. I moved towns and the drama stopped. But it could have stopped while I was... read more

Your Opinion of What You’re Capable of Sucks

As you sit here reading this post know that you’re sitting on an epic mountain of untapped potential. EPIC. You have the ability to reach heights that would blow your mind. If only you could see it. But you can’t. You might see a glimmer here or there but you’re so weighed down by the baggage of past failures and rejections that seeing your own awesome potential is simply beyond you. Deep down you KNOW you were meant for more…bigger…grander things. But the stretch between here and there is a bridge too far….too overwhelming. And so you busy yourself with “busy-work” to distract you from your GREAT work….from going ALL IN….from playing BIG in the game of life and business. You become frustrated when week after week you’re actions are taking you nowhere fast. “But I’m working so hard” you tell yourself. And you might be. But not on the things that matter. NOT on the things that WILL make a difference and take you higher. Want to know what I see when I look at you? I see the mountain of awesomeness sitting beneath you waiting to be discovered. I see the heights you can reach. And I TRULY believe you CAN reach them. If you trust me and do the work. And are prepared to fail a few times before you succeed. And be prepared to get uncomfortable….but knowing I have your back. I SEE WHAT YOU ARE TRULY CAPABLE OF. We are not the best judge of what’s possible for us. To succeed BIG you need someone who can see what you hold within you, extract... read more

Habits That Support Success

Here in LA we’ve been super busy including a bunch of travelling between cities and running our events. I’ve felt a weird mixture of being well inside my comfort zone, and at times, out of my depth and it’s in times like this that the daily habits we create to support our success journey pay dividends. My daily practice of coffee and journaling, followed by a gym session is all I need to ground myself and be reminded of who I am, what I stand for, what’s important to me, where I’m headed and why I want it. In times of growth and expansion, it’s easy to lose yourself or get caught up in things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I adore travel and it’s a big part of who I am but I also love being home and thriving under the routine I have back there. I never feel homesick but at times I do yearn for being able to prep my own food, train in my regular gym, go to my favourite cafes, walk along my beach and work from my own office. Journaling brings me back to the moment and I’m able to remind myself just how freaking AMAZING this very moment is. Today we have a photoshoot with Caroline White ( who has photographed Marie Forleo and Carrie Green just to name a few. To be honest the last few days I’ve really been taking this for granted and have had a bit of a “can’t be bothered” attitude to this photoshoot (!!), I think all of the running around... read more

Stay in The Moment & Enjoy What’s Happening

At this very moment I’m sitting outside on the front patio of a gorgeous boutique hotel smack bang in the middle of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (I’m looking straight at Gucci’s beautiful storefront) and I am SOOOO filled with gratitude and joy it’s not freaking funny! I’ve spent an hour journalling and I’m about to hit the gym before getting ready for the VIP Intensive we’re hosting here at our stunning hotel. It’s too easy to get caught up in chasing an outcome and missing the most important thing on our way to greater success and that is the journey itself. One of my greatest flaws is that I don’t always take the time to live in the moment. I’m that girl (as many of you are) who has her eye well and truly planted on the next goal before I’ve even reached the one I’m chasing at that very moment. I often regret coming home from trips like these realising I didn’t really appreciate the moments that make up the adventure. This time is different. I’m soaking up every minute. I’m deeply grateful for every moment. And I’m giving myself permission to find joy in the whole experience, even when things beyond our control have challenged us. This is time I’ll never get back so I made a commitment to myself to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment from the experience. You only launch a business overseas for the first time once and I want to remember every detail…..even the challenges….maybe even ESPECIALLY the challenges…because I know these are the most valuable bits, because challenge is where growth... read more