About Moi

Michelle Hext

My name is Michelle Hext.


I’m the Founder of  The Art Of Kicking Ass Elegantly, and everything that has since flown from that branding moment of brilliance 🙂

I’m a longterm entrepreneur (26 years), an author of 3 books (the last of which hit Amazon’s Best Seller List in 3 different categories!), a blogger for the Huffington Post a speaker, 5th degree black belt, Hall of Fame Inductee and mother… in no particular order.

Now I know all of that stuff might sound impressive but there is also something else about me you should know.

Given the start I had in life there is no way in hell I should be living the life I created for myself.

I grew up in domestic violence, I was the victim of childhood sexual abuse, I was forced to leave school at 14 and chose to leave home at 16.


At an early age I chose to let my past drive me, not hold me back but I do know, all too well, the impact our story can have on our success and I coach from this perspective…meaning, well all have some crappy disempowering story that holds us back…my first goal with any client is to rewrite that story into an empowering one. One that WILL serve you as you chase your goals.


Anyway…I digress!


Over the past 26 years, I’ve owned a bricks and mortar businesses along with ventures online, and over those years I’d have to say I’ve about seen it all, and learned far more than any university degree could ever teach me (and it probably cost me far more than any degree too!).


I’ve been training in the Martial Art of  Taekwondo since 1991, and over the years have owned a number of MA Schools (hence the kicking ass reference), and because I did that so well, I turned my hand to coaching school owners.


I’d also founded the very first female only martial arts facility in Australia (in fact as far as I can tell, in the Western world), and that was highly fulfilling work that I still miss on a regular basis. Being on the mats and inspiring women to kick stuff.. and each other (you learn a lot about yourself when you do this) is truly special, but again I digress!


In 2012 I’d been running an awesome business program for Martial Arts School Owners where I shared with them how to build a strong brand, market themselves successfully in a competitive environment, productise their offering and lastly, how to develop scaleable digital products to generate income outside of the dojo.


I loved this work!


Before that, beginning 2006, I owned one of the first online fitness training programs for women in Australia (Michelle Bridges was SOOO late to the party), and followed that up with a second online fitness program targeting a different market (when MB DID come to the party and killed the market for many of us competing with her profile and marketing budget).


In late 1999 I completed my coaching qualification with Results Coaching Systems, where I trained under David Rock (an absolute freaking neuroscience genius) and quickly became Results Regional Manager for Victoria.


I’m also that women who quickly became president of every business group she ever joined (those days are over thank gawd).


I LOVE working with female entrepreneurs, but this is something I had stopped doing when I ran my Martial Arts based coaching program, simply because most instructors are men.


Things needed to change.


My greatest strength and gift is helping WOMEN uncover their “great work”… the work they were called to do, and to help them build brands that pop – TKAE is an entirely BEIGE FREE ZONE! I simply will not allow a beige, soppy brand emerge on my watch!


I also love to see my clients re-discover life…. actual LIFE. You know, where you actually do stuff that doesn’t revolve around building your empire.


I’d seen many female entrepreneurs so caught up in the grind, that they had forgotten to enjoy the simple pleasures in life… but LIFE is really the end game isn’t it?


Creating a life as well as a business you love?


An itch started.


This was an itch that needing serious scratching, and so the idea for The Art Of Kicking Ass Elegantly was born.


I can remember one day I was patting myself on the back for this amazing life I had created for myself and in the next breath it struck me that I hadn’t been enjoying any of it!!


I’d been so caught up in the grind of “making shit happen” and shifting goal posts that I wasn’t ‘living’ the life I had created.


I looked back over the goals I’d set myself over the previous years, and saw I had in fact achieved everything major I had set out to achieve. Success was staring me in the face, and yet I still felt like I was failing!!


This was a major wake up call.


I made the decision to stop chasing and start enjoying every day… I mean THIS is what I had been working for in the first place!




I became powerfully strategic.


I focused on ONLY one thing at a time.


I began to enjoy the life I had worked so hard to create and my business has never been more successful. Plus, I’ve never been happier or more relaxed.


These days, my life is the best kind of busy…. filled with a lovely balance of work, rest and play. Doing the things I love and enjoying simple luxuries every-single-day!


There is a new revolution being born right here and I hope you will be a part of it.


Don’t forget to follow me on social media (links at the bottom of the home page) so we can get to know each other a little.


I hope to see you in my community soon.


Michelle xo