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About Me

Hey there…..I’m Michelle.

Here’s the short version.

I’d been caught in the grind for way too long and I struggled to make money for way too long but one day I decided to turn my life (and business) around in a pretty big way.

I left my unhappy marriage, dealt with the crap from my past (more on that later) focused on my one “big idea” and within 12 months transformed every aspect of my life.

I’m an author, speaker and above all I’m a coach who’s mad about helping woman entrepreneurs find out what they were truly put on this planet to do and then helping them create the success they’re seeking from the inside out using practical, simply and fun exercises that get you more than just THINKING about how you’re going to conquer the world.

I live in the seaside town of Williamstown in Melbourne, Australia with the love of my life and I’m mum to two amazing kids who have now flown the nest (Yup, at 48 I’m an empty nester…I’m still trying to navigate this).

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and I’ve done it both ways…the hard way and then the easy way.

My passion is helping female entrepreneurs discover what truly lights them up and then empowering them with the tools, mindset and strategies to truly live the life of their dreams.

The First Step Into My NEW BRAND

The First Step Into My NEW BRAND

We have a winner (with a minor tweak) Thank-you SO much for your input.. it’s been invaluable. Here are the reason’s I’ve gone with this one…. While I LOVE Style Your Life I think this name better represents the true core of THIS program. The more program content I put together the more I see this as a foundational program on which to build others (incl Style Your Life). For YEARS the phrase “it all begins with YOU” has run through my brain…over and over and over again…in fact every single time I’ve pivoted in my business that’s where I begin..but I’ve let it become something else. No more…THIS is the program I need to bring into the world and NOW. THE TITLE I’m keeping the “Inc” because it’s an important distinction/marketing message…Inc tells you it’s for female entrepreneurs who know that working on themselves will have an impact on their bottom line. I LOVE the word project because it indicates we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting shit done with a deadline…yes, this stuff will always be an ongoing work in progress but I intend to make big shift happen (see what I did there) in a condensed period of time. The words TRULY DESIRE might seem blase, overused throwaway but to me they’re meaningful. Too many women are NOT living the life the TRULY desire…they’re living their “this will do” version. INSIDE & OUT is exactly what this is…I’ll be helping you transform your thinking but I’ll also be helping you shape the outside into the very best version of your physical self…with what you have right... read more
How To Maintain Perspective In The Face Of Fear

How To Maintain Perspective In The Face Of Fear

Perspective is an interesting thing. I’ve had a whole bunch of conversations lately all following the same theme…..entrepreneurs stuck in what I call the “detail”, agonizing over what I consider to the be microscopic details of a much larger (and long forgotten) vision. If you think success or failure hinges on the next day to day decision this is a sign you’re dwelling in detail, the type of low-level thinking that’s gonna keep you small. Ya’ll know I love a good sports analogy so I’m going to use running a Marathon as an analogy. When you set the date to run a marathon shit get’s real, any lurking injury lying in wait erupts, bad weather, family celebrations and holidays getting in the way of training, you name it, that stuff’s gonna show up. But if you’ve signed up to run the damned marathon and are 100% committed to showing up on the day it’ll happen. Along the way you’ll have abandoned some long runs because your body or mind gave out, you’ll have skipped some training sessions, been sidelined for weeks through injury but race day comes and there you are. It might not be pretty but you’ll cross the finish line. Maybe your time will suck, you might have had to walk 78.5% of the course but you’ll cross the finish line because that’s the commitment you made to yourself. The result? You achieved what you set out to achieve even if the journey didn’t come close to resembling the ideal you had in your mind. Business is the same. You have your goals, BIG goals, but you’re... read more
Burn It To The Ground… All Of It!

Burn It To The Ground… All Of It!

The lessons keep on coming as I transition out of one brand and back into a more evolved of my old one that mixes the best of all of the stuff I’ve done until now and here’s the latest, most significant, most impactful lesson I’ve learned over the past month. This isn’t a new lesson but another of those wonderful past learned lessons that you need to learn again…because the time is right to do so. the lesson is quite simply this….. You CANNOT create the new by trying to hold onto the old….or by trying to merge the new with the old. Here’s an example. The launch of my Art Of Kicking Ass Elegantly brand, hands down, was my greatest success in business. On all levels. It was my most financially successful brand, I loved the work, I felt fabulous doing the work and I loved my community and I adored the brand itself. I also loved that I could play with that business and easily add programs and offerings into the mix because everything was so bloody aligned and downright fun. But I made a mistake and underestimated the willingness of some clients to do the actual work I was asking them to do and to do it FULLY. Because that’s what success takes. You can’t half ass all in….you have to use your WHOLE ass when you go ALL IN So there were some grumblings. Some toxicity. And from me…. Some sadness. Some frustration. And then some anger… a lot of anger. And resentment. And a huge sense of injustice…injustice is something I’ve always struggled with,... read more

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