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About Me

Hey there…..I’m Michelle.

Here’s the short version.

I’d been caught in the grind for way too long and I struggled to make money for way too long but one day I decided to turn my life (and business) around in a pretty big way.

I left my unhappy marriage, dealt with the crap from my past (more on that later) focused on my one “big idea” and within 12 months transformed every aspect of my life.

I’m an author, speaker and above all I’m a coach who’s mad about helping woman entrepreneurs find out what they were truly put on this planet to do and then helping them build a sexy brand that get’s attention.

I live in the seaside town of Williamstown in Melbourne, Australia with the love of my life and I’m mum to two amazing kids who have now flown the nest (Yup, at 48 I’m an empty nester…I’m still trying to navigate this).

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and I’ve done it both ways…the hard way and then the easy way.

My passion is helping female entrepreneurs find their ultimate entrepreneurial sweet spot so that building their empire and sharing their message far and wide feels easy.

Balance, Shmalance… Life Is Meant To Be Juicy!

Balance, Shmalance… Life Is Meant To Be Juicy!

If you’ve been listening to me recently you’ll know that my new mantra is EASE – ELEGANCE – EFFICIENCY which may seem somewhat at odds with wanting it all right? But it’s not and here’s why. To me, balance is all about a FEELING. Do I feel rushed? Overwhelmed? Behind on anything? If I can answer NOPE to each of these questions I know I’m halfway towards feeling the way I want to feel that day. I then want to know… Is my energy good? Am I taking care of myself? Am I making time for the people I love? Do I feel productive? Am I growing? AM I HAVING FUN?? If I can answer YEP to those bad boys I’m happy. Balance is NOT about creating a schedule that segments your life into bite sized and manageable pieces. It truly is a feeling and when you FEEL good…when your energy is on FIRE…when you’re energised from the inside out….is when you can achieve ALL-THE-THINGS. SO….if you’re feeling drained and overwhelmed know this…..YOU can change this in a heartbeat. It starts with my favourite questions – HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL RIGHT NOW? Get clear on that and then keep the main thing (right now) the main thing. AND honour all the parts of you that make your heart sing. For me that’s… Training in the gym or on the mat with purpose and taking good care of my body and health. It’s connecting with the people I love often. It’s girl dates with my besties with bonus points for group catch ups. It’s being the very best...
What’s The Feeling You’re Chasing?

What’s The Feeling You’re Chasing?

You guys have been around the block a few times so I know I don’t need to explain to you that the “thing” you want isn’t really about the thing right? You know that what you REALLY want is what the thing represents. We know that we don’t want to achieve financial wealth simply to have lot’s of paper (or plastic) stuff sitting in a bank somewhere. Or the perfect body so we can sit around looking at our abs all day Or the most successful business ever simply for the sake of success. For each of us the “feelings” we want to experience based on our achievements is different. We want to feel things like accomplishment, pride, joy, happiness and security just for starters. It’s the same deal when it comes to us personally. We want to excel at our work because we feel confident as an example. And we also avoid certain things because of feelings we DON’T want. We don’t want to miss deadlines because we don’t want to feel stressed or disappointed in ourselves. We want to stay on top of our work because we don’t want to feel overwhelmed. Etc etc etc Pretty much everything we do or don’t do in our lives is to either generate or avoid a feeling. You may have heard me mention this week that I’ve adopted a new mantra. EASE – ELEGANCE – EFFICIENCY. These 3 words, these 3 FEELINGS now guide my days. Ease is all about taking my time with things, no rushing or trying to take on too many tasks at once. Elegance is such...
Today Is The Perfect Day To Start Living Your Dream!

Today Is The Perfect Day To Start Living Your Dream!

Can I ask you a question? WHAT are you waiting for? What’s the loop you have playing in your head about why you CAN’T? Today’s an ordinary Thursday (or maybe a Wednesday depending on where you are in the world), it’s not the start of a New Year, a new month or even a new week. Is this your procrastination right now? Are you waiting for Monday? For the start of the new month? Have you written off this year because things turned to crap and you know next year will be YOUR YEAR? Here’s the thing…there is NEVER a right time to make your dreams come true. The trick is to MAKE THE TIME RIGHT. So today, on this very ordinary Thursday morning, without any fireworks or build up….HOW CAN YOU START LIVING YOUR DREAMS……TODAY?? Do you even know that that looks like? Are you clear? Do you have a PLAN? If not then that is the perfect place to begin. EVERY SINGLE THING I have created in my life began with putting pen to paper and gaining clarity. And creating a plan. Then hauling ass UNTIL reality caught up with my vision. Here’s a myth I want to dispel for you. You do NOT need to be special to live the life of your dreams. You don’t need to be LUCKY. Or blessed. You simply need to be crystal clear on what it is you want and be prepared to work at it UNTIL you get the result you want. You simply need to be prepared to work your way through the setbacks instead of letting them...

You can contact Michelle via michelle@theartofkickingasselegantly.com

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